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"Double Trouble" is an expression often referred to twin pairs, referred to as "double trouble" for their parents. A friend called them that as a joke, and they made it the name of their brand.

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Fall in love in Bologna

The Project of twins Caterina and Margherita, Double Trouble Bologna was born from their love of fashion, handmade and leather goods. In their workshop you can find bags, dresses and accessories: you will be intoxicated by the scent of leather and amazed by the variety of African Wax cotton fabrics, a tribute to their origins.

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Zero Bologna

Double Trouble Bologna: twins of African descent against fast-fashion in the workshop on Via degli Albari, where their productions are made from reused leather, wax and straw.

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Bloom as You Are

Gabon and Italy. Two cultures that meet, dialogue and live through the craftsmanship of Double Trouble Bologna, founded by Margherita and Caterina Libouri, an ethical brand with a cosmopolitan spirit.

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After a degree from the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, an Erasmus in Istanbul and many years of experience within a large e-commerce company, Margherita Libouri decided to found her company Double Trouble Bologna.

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Premio Barresi 2021 - The winners

Barresi 2021 Award: the winning companies announced The recognition that the Metropolitan City dedicates to young and sustainable companies went to DTB - Double Trouble Bologna, Hoppibolla, Lac2Lab and Sette e Mezzo Studio.

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Incredibol 2021 Call - The winners

After a year in which the support action was aimed at the pandemic emergency, in 2021 INCREDIBOL! Returns to the formula articulated in the sections Startup, for business start-up projects, and Innovation, for the evolution of consolidated business activities.

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Where to Start in Emilia-Romagna?

The cheese, the pasta, the restaurants with Michelin stars? On a trip to this food-rich region of Italy, a writer’s checklist overflows with delicious options.

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Vogue Italia - Febbraio 2024

Storie di libertà - Cinque per uno. Le nuove moschettiere del Made in Italy. Da leggere sul nuovo numero di Vogue Italia in edicola.