About us

Margherita and Caterina, two Bolognese twins of African origins passionate about travel, fashion and crafts. Discover our history.

Come visit us

All accessories are handmade in the shop-laboratory in Via degli Albari 5 / A, Bologna.


Tuesday - Saturday: 10am - 7.30pm

Monday and Sunday: Closed


Sustainable craftsmanship

We aim to support a circular and sustainable fashion culture based on the reuse of materials. The accessories are created in Bologna using leftovers leathers from the best Tuscan fashion houses.

Made to order

Our products are created to be customized and to be different from each other. The customization options range from the option of the initial of the name to the hot engraving of names and logos on leather. Creativity has no limits.

Between Africa and Italy

We enhance the excellence of Made in Italy with direct inspiration from African aesthetics, celebrating the diversity of cultures and the freedom of style.