Bag Design Courses

Gain craft skills and abilities with the 20-hour workshop course.


The course is dedicated to those who wish to learn techniques and skills related to the processing of leather for the production of a leather bag. Participants will learn to use and recognize the quality of materials, work tools and machinery necessary for the production of the bags.

They will begin a practical path that will deepen all the stages of processing in the sector:

• Technical drawing of the product and design (study of the paper pattern)

• Cutting and sewing by industrial sewing machine

• Dyeing and finalization of the accessory

Learing path

Recognize and use work tools

Prototype creation

Making and reading the paper pattern

Realize the components of the bag

Getting familiars with the materials and their use

Finalize the sample
Number of participants: maximum 3 people per course.

The course is available in Italian and English.

All the necessary materials will be provided during the course.
Margherita Libouri, co-founder of Double Trouble Bologna, is the instructor of the course. Graduated in 2013 in Fashion Design at the Academy of Fine Arts, during her studies she examined in depth the Design of Bags and Accessories at the University of Istanbul Mimar Sinan, a renowned Academy of Fine Arts.

Since 2015 she has been making all the bags collections for Double Trouble Bologna.
The 20-hour course starts on January 17 2023 and ends on February 7 2023.

Two appointments a week: Tuesday and Friday: 6.30pm - 9.30pm.


The courses are held in the workshop of Double Trouble Bologna in Via degli Albari 5 / A in the center of Bologna. The area is located on the ground floor.